About us


Aëlle’s natural products was inspired by Gaelle the founder and CEO, after lots of thinking and research, finding products that are not harsh on her skin was one of her main focus. She needed a skincare product that could restore and clean her skin. After adopting a lifestyle change, Gaelle made it a point to only use facial products that were natural and organic. With that, she sought out to develop a product that is cost-effective, sustainable, and all-natural. With that, she birthed Aëlle’s Natural Products.


Aëlle’s Natural Products’ mission is to create products that are natural and present healing properties to the skin and body. Aëlle’s products are handmade, do not contain any artificial ingredients, and are safe for every skin type.


Gaëlle is a Native of Haiti and Healthcare Professional, and a Mother. Aside from her love for music, she is passionate about staying healthy and in shape as well as consuming things that foster optimal well-being.